Parent Testimonials

Below, you can read testimonials from the great families who have participated in our programs since we opened our doors in October of 1999. Learn more about us and our history!

  Anne and Sam Howell from Rhode Island share their experiences of taking their son, Liam, to Euro-Peds. Click here to hear their interview in a videotaped testimonial. 


“Euro-Peds is the best therapy place in the world!”

Tonya Bromberg, mother to Euro-Peds patient Liliya


“The therapists do things that other traditional PTs do not do. I highly recommend the program to everybody who wants to make a change for their child. I will definitely come back.”

Laurette mother to Euro-Peds patient, John


“…I don’t know of another program like Euro-Peds in the country, though there may be others. Really and truly, our time there in December has been the best thing I’ve ever been able to do with my son as far as therapeutic intervention, and I would move from Oklahoma to Michigan if I could! It’s that wonderful, and the entire staff is incredibly kind and supportive…”

Carole Burrage, Oklahoma, mother to Carter


“My daughter, Kiera, is three years old, and just recently learned to walk, thanks to Euro-Peds…”

Katheryn Frame, MD, Michigan, mother to Kiera


“Euro-Ped’s extraordinary staff and amazing program surpassed our greatest expectations! Everything was just as they said it would be. After Ethan was born with brain damage, I set out on a journey to do whatever I could to help him reach his full potential; to prove the doctors’ “he won't walk, talk, or feed himself” prognosis wrong.

“We recently returned from our second trip to Euro-Peds and again, superb service. Both two-week sessions increased Ethan’s strength and I believe his awareness of movement. He had so much fun with the therapists who knew just how to motivate and encourage him through every exercise. Although Ethan still can’t walk, he is one step closer than yesterday because of all the work he’s done at Euro-Peds.

“The home program that is provided at the end of a session is key to keeping up with successes Ethan made while at Euro-Peds. I’ve copied the program and given it to school aides, caretakers, etc. It is a great resource!

“In a world of uncertainty, everyone can be certain they will achieve something while attending Euro-Peds. The value of this program is priceless! Thank you Euro-Peds staff for your unending patience and kindness, and mostly your love shown to all the children!”

Suzanne Brown, Idaho, mother of Superguy Ethan Brown, 8 yrs. old


“This is MacKenzie’s 8th year coming to Euro-Peds and every year we are amazed with what she can accomplish while she is here.  Throughout the years, MacKenzie has had the opportunity to work with many therapists and staff.  Although some of the faces have changed, the outstanding quality of care has always remained the same.  Each year we leave with a renewed sense of hope after seeing her achieve new goals.  Coming here year after year has allowed us to see the steady progress she has made and gives us a look into future possibilities.”

Allen and Lisa Dunckelman, Texas


“We traveled all the way from Jamaica in the Caribbean with Kingsley last Summer. Kingsley is 5 years old with athetosis plus spastic quad CP. Euro-Peds is a place you are lucky to have discovered…You have to believe me when I say you won’t regret the choice.”

Dr. & Mrs Eleweanya, Jamaica


“I would like to thank you and your staff for the hospitality and professionalism we experienced during our recent trip to Euro-Peds with my daughter Abby. It is a rare thing to find people so willing to go above and beyond the call of duty and everyone there did just that…The best way to describe our experience with Carolyn and Euro-Peds is that when we came home, there was a hole in our lives that is slow to fill…”

David Price, Arizona, father of Abby


“The physiotherapist over here can’t get over the range of motion he has now (i.e. going up stairs like we do instead of taking them one at a time) and how well he is doing with his crutches. He plays baseball in the summer and the volunteers can’t believe how fast he is. That is all thanks to the hard work he does with the staff at Euro-Peds. Physiotherapy back home is only about maintaining what he has, however, at Euro-Peds, you actually work at improving, at getting him to be the best that he can be…”

Nathalie Brault, mother of Benoit, Ontario, Canada


“…When he got to Euro-Peds, [my son] was crawling commando style more than anything else, or knee walking…We left two weeks later with Craig actually using his feet for more than dead weight…”

ReBecca Bennett, Virginia


“…This [Euro-Peds] clinic has been our greatest gift!! My son, Matthew, is now 12. We’ve been coming to Euro-Peds since he was 7. We will be visiting for the 7th time this March…We stay for a 2-week treatment each time. I wish you could understand how valuable this treatment has been for Matthew. There’s no way to put it into words…just how Euro-Peds has changed Matthew’s life…When Matthew was born, his 2-pound, premature body was not supposed to make it another hour. Miraculously, he did live to see the next day, and then another…We were told he’d never walk or talk because of the severe brain damage sustained during a hemorrhage on his second day of life. We’ve since visited those doctors with a show-and-tell session. They were astonished!! And we gave complete credit to the Euro-Peds Clinic for Matthew’s ability to transfer, stand and walk!…”

Jill McQuaid, Ohio, mother of Matthew


“We are writing you to thank you and your staff at Euro-Peds for the incredible difference that you have made in our son’s life. Brian has improved so drastically under your care it is hard to know where to start. Brian had been in therapy since coming to live with us at the age of 10 months. He has been in several programs. None have produced the results that Euro-Peds has. We wish you could watch him at home. He walks the stairs without assistance, he walks from room to room using his canes (he graduated to those while in your program), but most importantly, for the first time he can toilet himself. He can stand up straight. The list goes on. What a new lease on life!…”

Bill & Catherine Aylesworth, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


“…I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done for Blake. Your program was OUTSTANDING!!! We watch our video and learn something every time we see it…”

Jodi Rokosz, Freeland, Michigan


“We have made six visits to Euro-Peds, and we return because of the progress our daughter, Erica, makes each time…”

Lynne Fogel, Ohio, mother to Erica


“…Oh, thank you, thank you for helping Isis to achieve these great steps towards a future that is now wide open!…”

Amanda Runyon Lynch, Columbus, Ohio, mother to Isis

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