How To Apply

An intensive PT session is an investment of time for your child as well as the caregivers who are bringing them.  It is helpful to remember that this time will be a beneficial and important investment in the child’s life for achieving new skills and gaining independence.

If you are interested in bringing a child or young adult to Euro-Peds for an intensive physical therapy session, here is a simple step-by-step process:

  1. Fill out a no-obligation application so that our director can review it to make sure the child is an appropriate candidate for our intensive PT program. An electronic application can be filled out and submitted here. If you would like a paper application, you can print the PDF found at the right tool bar or call (248) 857-6776 to request that a paper application be mailed. Please allow two weeks for processing after we receive the application.

  2. Within 2 weeks after receiving your application, a Euro-Peds representative will call to verify your insurance benefits, if applicable, and go over the various program options for your child. (If you have not heard back from a Euro-Peds representative after 2 weeks, feel free to call (248) 857-6776 to verify that the application was received).

  3. Out-of-area patients (i.e., patients from outside of our area who are not able to commute to Euro-Peds) will be provided 2-, 3- or 4-week windows for available session dates (sessions are up to 4 hours per day). In-area patients generally come 2-3 days per week for up to 3 months. Please be prepared to discuss dates that are best for you and your family. Remember…an intensive PT session is an investment of time for your child, but a beneficial and important investment to achieve new skills and gain more independence.

  4. Your child will be put on a waiting list until a session that works within your scheduling needs arises and Euro-Peds will telephone you. Wait list time varies depending on the time of year, the program requested, and the flexibility of the parents or caregivers who will be bringing the child to intensive therapy.

  5. If you are unable to attend the session, your name will go back onto the wait list until the next session becomes available that works within your time frame.