Financial Assistance for Euro-Peds Therapy


If you need more information on applying to the Euro-Peds Program, take a look on our How to Apply page for help!

Euro-Peds intensive therapy should not be cost-prohibitive for children who need it. With this in mind, there are several ways to obtain financial assistance for Euro-Peds therapy.


THE EURO-PEDS FOUNDATION GRANT PROGRAM- Families can apply for a Euro-Peds Foundation Grant up to $800 toward a hotel stay and up to $1700 for treatment costs based primarily on out-of-pocket expenses.  Please see the application for details on eligibility.


Please visit for more information.

The goal of the Euro-Peds Foundation Grant Program is to help underinsured children get the Euro-Peds therapy they need. However, the Euro-Peds Foundation needs your help and donation in order to make the program work.

For more information on how you can make a financial contribution or to offer other assistance to Euro-Peds, please contact the clinic at 1-844-EURO-PEDS or email

The Euro-Peds Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations made to the foundation are eligible for tax deduction. Please contact your tax advisor for additional information.  

OTHER FUNDING RESOURCES- Families can apply for other grants and scholarships that support therapy for children with special needs.

Click link to view: Funding Resources

FUNDRAISING IDEAS- Network with other families coming to Euro-Peds on fundraising ideas through our facebook page or yahoo parent group.

Click link to view: Fundraising Ideas 




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